YouTube takes to Twitter to communicate directly with creators

A big criticism against YouTube is its lack of communication with its community. Well, it looks like YouTube is trying to be more transparent on Twitter.

After the Adpocalypse, YouTube has seemingly made transparency and communication with its creators, viewers and advertisers one of its top priorities. In her quarterly newsletter, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote that YouTube’s made big steps towards better communication on all of its social media accounts. Namely, YouTube’s Twitter has seen large growth — by 150 percent year-over-year. The growth may be due in part to YouTube’s faster response time on Twitter. Its response time has reportedly increased by 50 percent.

If that doesn’t show YouTube’s getting serious about replying on social media, it’s also reported YouTube’s brought all of its handles in-house. In the past, it’s worked with outside agencies like Big Spaceship on a few of its Twitter accounts.

20,000 monthly replies

For about two years, YouTube has made many hires to help them reply faster on Twitter. Starting out with a small bit of people working to respond, it now has more than 50 staffers in several offices working worldwide 24/7 speaking in eight different languages.

There are some that believe bots are the forces behind these replies. It’s understandable to think this because the replies all sound somewhat repetitive. However, human staffers write all of the account’s 20,000 monthly replies.

Is this the new YouTube?

With all the controversies and issues YouTube has faced, the platform does deserve some credit. We commend YouTube for its efforts to try and communicate with its community more. And it seems like the community is responding to their efforts. Since YouTube’s faster response times, its Twitter followers have increased substantially. People are subscribing so they can communicate with the company. It’s a great thing that there is a growing dialog.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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