YouTube is softening strike system for first-time offenses

After much criticism for YouTube’s strike system, YouTube is looking to make its new system much more coherent — and lenient — for first-time offenders.

Much of the criticism of YouTube’s strike system is that it’s too inconsistent. However, starting February 25th, YouTube is implementing its new strike system. The platform promises much more clarity and a gentler approach to penalties.

Let’s break down YouTube’s new strike system

If a channel has violated one of YouTube’s policies, YouTube will now issue a warning instead of a strike. Previously, creators would get a strike right away. Under the new system, YouTube will pull the infringing content, but the creators won’t lose privileges.

However, if creators break policy again, they will receive a strike and have their account frozen, preventing uploads and “other channel activities” for a week. The first strike will disappear in 90 days if a second strike isn’t issued. However, if a second strike is issued, there will be a two-week freeze. If a third strike is issued, the channel will be deleted.

Clearer communication

YouTube promises to have much clearer notifications to alert creators what policies they’ve violated. They will do this no matter the offense. Additionally, YouTube’s making a wider range of policy resources available in YouTube’s help center to help outline what would be considered strikeable actions.

Will this new system make a difference?

Without a doubt, it’s a step in the right direction. Many creators have been infuriated with YouTube over its lack of communication. Many would receive a strike without an explanation, making it hard for creators on the platform to dispute the claim or avoid that behavior in the future. It’s a good step; we just have to wait and see if YouTube can follow through with its promises.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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