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YouTube is fact-checking Indian conspiracy videos and they'll soon be checking videos globally

To fight back against the abundance of misinformation and conspiracy videos on the platform, YouTube is beginning to implement fact-checking infoboxes alongside questionable content.

When users look up topics “prone to misinformation,” they’ll see boxes at the top of the search that aim to help the viewer fact-check the topic. According to a post from Buzzfeed, the boxes will not target videos on an individual level, rather they’ll be displayed next to search results.

To give you an idea what the box will look like, see a screenshot provided to Business Insider below that reads “Hoax alert! Paracetamol Tablets Do Not Contain ‘Machupo’ Virus.”


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Fact-checking boxes on YouTube searches
The fact-checking boxes will display on search results, not individual videos

The box first states the claim that is being argued in the videos. It then gives the claim a truth rating. In the case of Paracetamol tablets containing ‘Machupo’ virus, YouTube gave it a false rating.

YouTube is testing the feature with Indian conspiracy videos

The feature is not yet available worldwide. Right now, YouTube’s only released it to a select number of users in India. Why India you may ask? There’s many worries there’s an epidemic of misinformation being spread in the country. For instance, in February 2018, YouTube’s trending pages in India was plagued with fake stories claiming famous Bollywood actress Sridevi had died.

YouTube says it’s working with half a dozen fact-checking services in India to fill the information boxes with accurate information. Once YouTube sees how well the feature does in India, they have plans to eventually release it globally. However, we haven’t been told when that will be.


  1. I love that YouTube is doing this. Now we just have to find a way to fact check memes!

  2. There is a lot of BS around however this could also lead to censorship of real information that they don’t want you to know. It’s not like Youtube/Google isn’t as prone to have people of bad will in it any less than anywhere else.

  3. Will Mainstream Corporate “News” sources like MSNBC be subjected to this, as they put out their fair share of disinformation? Witness Rachel Maddow continuing to lie about their being Russian interference in the 2016 election (of which no solid evidence has EVER been put forth that hasn’t been debunked) while ignoring the rigging of the 2016 Primary to favor Hillary – of which there’s mountains of evidence.

    On the other side of the coin are independent news sources, like Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp, and The Jimmy Dore Show. With the former, YouTube feels the need to put the disclaimer that RT is “funded whole or in part by the Russian Government.” (OK, why don’t they do that to news shows from other countries? Russia isn’t the enemy of the U.S., and this label only serves to continue neoMcCartyistic hysteria). Jimmy Dore, and other left-wing non-establishment comedians, are subjected to having their channel de-moneytized, among other tactics to shut them down.

    As Neal said, YouTube has a history of “fact checking” in a certain direction. It’s been noted that when methods to shut down those on the right have been created, they always end up eventually being used against the Left (by which I mean, to the left of the Clintons, Pres. Obama, and other neoliberals)

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