VidCon kicks off 10 year anniversary today

VidCon is back and it’s ready to kick off VidCon 2019. However, this year’s just a little more special than other years. It’s VidCon’s 10th birthday.

Opening its doors today in Anaheim, CA, VidCon 2019 has commenced. And its first day is packed with tons of featured creators, panels and events. You can check out the full schedule for VidCon’s day one here.

Vidcon’s 2019 Vidcon promotional video

Who’s going to be there

One of the highlights of VidCon each year is the online influencers and creators that attend. This year is packed with many talented people. Jacksepticeye, Rhett & Link, Mykie, Jaidenanimation, The Try Guys, Collen Ballinger, Theodd1out and so many others will be at VidCon 2019. There’s too many to list! You can see the entire list of creators attending at

What’s planned?

Vidcon runs from July 10th to 13th and has a packed schedule for each day. For those that purchased a Creator Track ticket, they’ll be able to attend VidCon’s specialized content, networking opportunities, and workshops. Everyone with a Community Track ticket will have many opportunities to see the attending creators over the four days as well. And those with the Industry ticket will have many opportunities to get strategies, tips and tricks.

There’s still time to attend

VidCon tickets are still available. The base ticket price of $180 will get you a Community Track ticket. It gives ticket holders access to things like meet and greets and community panels and activities. For $250, you can get a Creator Track ticket. This ticket gives access to creator keynotes, panels, workshops, lounges and reception. For $850, you can get the Instrustry Track ticket that allows access to industry and creator keynotes, panels, workshops, lounges and reception.

All those prices are for 4-day access to VidCon. There are cheaper options for single day attendance. You can check all the options at

VidCon will run from July 10th to July 13th in Anaheim, CA.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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