VEGAS Pro 19
Image courtesy: VEGAS

Recently, editing software brand VEGAS announced it’s reworking its entire Vegas Pro product line to better align with the audience the company wants to reach: video professionals and video enthusiasts. After redesigning the Vegas Pro line, the company also released a new entry: Vegas Pro 19.

VEGAS has broken the Vegas Pro 19 into three packages: Vegas Edit, Vegas Pro and Vegas Post. All three, while all seemingly capable of quality video edits, are intended for different users. Let’s break down each.


Being the most affordable package of the trio, Vegas Edit is best suited for aspiring editors and video novices. It’s got all you need to create a clean edit on your video. While it doesn’t have all of the other packages’ features, VEGAS claims it offers what beginners need to edit their videos. If you opt for the subscription option, you can access 20GB of cloud storage and 20 royalty-free HD video and/or audio clip downloads per month.


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The subscription option will cost you $13 a month, while the perpetual license costs $250.


The middle offering, VEGAS Pro, offers more professional tools. VEGAS intends this offering to be for filmmakers, social media influencers, live event products and YouTubers. It comes with 50GB of cloud storage with the subscription option — more than double VEGAS Edit’s offered storage. Also, with a subscription, you get unlimited access to VEGAS’ royalty-free HD video and audio library. Additionally, you have access to Primatte chroma keying software.

For the subscription option, it costs $20 a month. For the perpetual license, it costs $400.


Last, we have VEGAS Post, the top package offering. It comes decked out with high-end video and audio editing tools. With it, according to VEGAS, you receive high-end compositing, RAW image compositing and high production value live streaming. You can enjoy up to 100GB of cloud storage and have unlimited access to royalty-free HD and 4K video and audio clips with a subscription. You also can use SOUND FORGE Audio Studio and +Primatte chroma keying software,

The VEGAS Post subscription costs $30 a month and the perpetual license costs $600.

Video courtesy: VEGAS Creative Software

What VEGAS Pro 19 adds over the Pro 18

Cloud-based media management and collaboration

Much of the VEGAS Pro 19’s file management is based around cloud storage— granted you have a subscription payment plan and not the perpetual license. With the cloud, you can directly download stock footage and import them into VEGAS projects. You can also upload media files from mobile into the VEGAS Hub cloud storage.

Text-to-speech features

VEGAS Pro 19 can take tax and transform it into “natural-sounding” voices, according to VEGAS. It works with a variety of languages as well.

New color tools

The Color Grading Panel has been redesigned as well with a more accessible workflow. Now, there are range-limited color wheels to target specific color grading adjustments better. Additionally, there are now instant black-point and white-point detection/correction and expanded individual R, G, and B color curves.

VEGAS Pro 19 color tools
Image courtesy: VEGAS

AI technology

The application utilizes AI to upscale files. The upscaling plugin can take SD and HD footage and upconvert them to 4K resolutions.

You can use the AI to detect scene breaks and transitions in a rendered file and automatically create splits, sub-clips or keyframes at the breaks in order, speeding up the workload.

New coded support

Now VEGAS Pro 19 supports Blackmagic RAW. Though, it will still be in beta at launch.

Redesigned user interface

Projects now have a timecode field that aligns the notes with an exact location on the project timeline. You can now also click on notes to navigate through the timeline.

Each note can now have a color and unique label associated with them. This allows for multiple users to collaborate and comment on a project.

You can learn more about VEGAS Pro 19 on VEGAS’ official website.