Twitter releases new analytics tools for video creators

At CES 2019, Twitter revealed it was working on new tools designed to make it easier for creators to develop their video media strategies on the platform.

Since then, Twitter’s been working on a new analytics dashboard that will allow creators to see who is engaging with content and when. Creators will also be able to see what content is performing well. The set of tools are being called Publisher Insights tools. They’re located in Twitter’s Media Studio.

Publisher Insights tools help creators decide when to post their videos

To be very clear, these tools aren’t analytics for a creator’s own followers engagement with post. Rather, it’s a general graph that shows when people are watching videos across Twitter. The graph is based on historical data, displaying when videos typically are performing well.

The tools’ dashboard shows the hours of the day along the x-axis, while the days of the week are placed across the y-axis. The graph uses shades of gray to show the days and times video tweets enjoy the most engagement.

Twitter's Publisher Insights tools graph
The dashboard is a graph of video engagement all across Twitter, not an individual’s follower engagement

Twitter claims these tools can help publishers determine when is the best time to post a video in order to “maximize engagement, conversation, and viewership.”

While, it would be nice if Twitter’s Publisher Insights tools could show publishers their own personal traffic, it seems this is at least a step in the right direction. Plus, the company is now offering tweet scheduling in the new dashboard. You can now schedule video tweets to post even when you are offline. This should help creators publish during high traffic times.

Also, users can adjust the graph to show insights from “last week,” “this month,” or a custom range.

Twitter could be going somewhere with this

Twitter says that its ultimate goal here is to help publishers better develop their media strategies on Twitter. Since video ads make up half the platform’s ad revenue, it’s essential they help their video creators. Twitter’s Publisher Insights tools seem to be a good start and there’s a lot of potential there. Hopefully, the tools will eventually show metrics for a creator’s individual traffic. That would more effectively help creators with their media strategies.

Twitter does say it’s working on other tools to help give publishers more actionable data.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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