This wireless Sony microphone stays connected 600 ft away

Current Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras feature a Multi-Interface (MI) shoe. The unique shoe allows for digital signal passthrough, meaning the MI supports audio sources, allowing the mic to send its signal straight to the camera. It cuts down on cables and removes the need for digital conversion. Today, Sony announced two new microphones compatible with the MI shoe.

The two new microphones are the wireless ECM-W2BT and the stereo lavalier, the ECM-LV1. Sony pairs two microphones together, claiming when utilized together, they “offer the perfect solution.” The duo lends themselves to audio capture for vloggers, YouTubers and video creators. According to Sony, it records clear audio in many environments, including street and travel capture.

Sony ECM-W2BT wireless microphone

  • Wireless
  • Dual receiver and transmitter mic
  • Omni-directional mic capsule design
  • MI Shoe Digital Audio Interface compatibility
  • Offers three sound modes: MIC, RCVR, MIX
  • Capable of connections up to 600 ft (200 m)
  • Battery life: 9 hours
  • Qualcomm aptX Low Latency codec
Image courtesy: Sony


Sony’s ECM-W2BT wireless microphone connects its receiver to a camera with the MI shoe. The camera body records all the audio outputted from the receiver. There’s no need for an external audio cable. Sony claims the microphone’s omnidirectional mic capsule captures clear audio from any direction.

“The ECM-W2BT also allows audio recording flexibility by increasing the stability of the wireless connection between microphone and receiver, even with obstacles or in crowded environments with additional wireless activity,” Sony says.

For busy, noisy environments, the ECM-W2BT offers an attenuator function. This function increases or decreases the volume level of audio signals. On the ECM-W2BT, there are three attenuator settings. These settings allow you to record loud sounds at a lower volume or quieter sounds at a higher volume.

Three sound modes

The Sony ECM-W2BT microphone features three different sound modes. These modes allow you to capture audio of the subject, yourself, or both at the same time.

MIC mode

In MIC mode, the camera only captures audio from the microphone’s transmitter. This mode is great when you want to record a subject’s audio and nothing else. It lends itself to interviews.

RCVR mode

RCVR mode picks up audio from the internal microphone receiver. So, if you want to record audio of yourself while filming you can do so in this mode.

MIX mode

In MIX mode, the camera picks up audio from the transmitter and the receiver. The mode is useful for conversational interviewees, where the person on camera and the person off camera are talking.

Sony ECM-LV1 stereo lavalier microphone

Image courtesy: Sony
  • Lavalier
  • 360-degree rotating clip
  • Size: 1.26″ in length and 0.43″ in diameter
  • Windscreen
  • Power: plug-in power


Sony claims the ECM-LV1 microphone offers a compact, portable design capable of recording high-quality sound. The microphone comes with a windscreen and a 360-degree rotatable clip. The ECM-LV1’s power comes through the mic connector.

Pricing and availability

The ECM-W2BT wireless microphone launches in April 2021 for $230. The ECM-LV1 stereo lavalier microphone also releases in April for $30.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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