This small light offers up to 130 gel colors

Rosco Laboratories released a new pocket-sized light kit, the DMG DASH Pocket LED kit. The kit’s light fits right in your hand and is small enough to carry around with you.

In total, the light measures out to be 5″ x 3.1″ x 1.1″. Though it’s a small light, Rosco says the DMG DASH offers quality illumination and accurate color mixing. Additionally, it has a durable design and comes with many accessories to further improve its usability.

Color mixing

The DMG DASH Pocket LED features the same six-chip LED set in all of Rosco’s MIX lights. With the chip, the DMG DASH creates 130 True Rosco Color gel matches. The Light output ranges at high values of 95+ CRI and 90+ TLCI. Its color temperatures run between 1700K – 10,000K. When set to Boost mode, the DMG DASH emits 380 Lux at 1 meter. It produces up to 500 lumens of output.


Portable devices need to be durable. The DMG DASH, built with an Aluminum Alloy housing, Rosco claims the light works through all weather conditions (rating of Weather-Resistant – IP54). Additionally, its housing makes the DMG DASH shock-resistant and waterproof.


The DMG DASH Kit comes with a few beam-shaping accessories. The kit consists of a flat diffuser panel, dome diffuser, egg crate, and a gel holder.

As for the Quad kit, it includes four fixtures and four sets of accessories. It also comes with a DMG DASH LINK, capable of connecting all four lights, making them one unit.

Pricing and availability

Currently, the DMG DASH Pocket LED kit isn’t out yet, but it should release soon. It will cost $270. The Quad kit costs $1250.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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