The Sigma MC-31 PL-Mount to L-mount converter will ship soon

Sigma has announced today that the company will start shipping its Mount Converter MC-31 at the end of this month.

According to Sigma the Mount Converter MC-31, which converts PL-Mount lenses to work with L-mount cameras, will begin shipping February 27, 2020. Sigma announced the MC-31 at IBC2019. PL-Mount cine lenses are very common for filmmakers to use. The converter will allow many to use their lenses for L-Mount cameras, which includes a lot of cameras from Leica and Panasonic.

MC-31 key features

  • Shim adjustments
  • Metal build
  • Tripod socket
  • “Secure” lens mounting according to Sigma
  • Luminous paint for low lighting
Sigma Mount Converter MC-31
Sigma Mount Converter MC-31

Shim adjustments

The MC-31 features shim adjustments on two points of the mount. Additionally, the flange depth can be adjusted on the camera-side mount. It can also adjust the lens-side for calibration of the lens and camera.

Metal design

According to Sigma, the MC-31 features an aluminum-alloy body and a strong brass mount and locking ring. Also, the converter can be fastened on the mount of the Sigma fp with a screw thread. Sigma says this ensures “even more secure connection between the lens and the camera.” This should allow the users to shoot without the lens rattling.

Tripod socket

There’s a removable tripod socket on the Mc-31. It allows the device to be attached to a tripod and other equipment like a camera cage.

“Secure” lens mounting

When you remove the screw thread, it releases the stopper of the locking ring. This means you can use the MC-31 with a PL mount lens that typically needs tighter mounting than what the device offers. So this allows the converter to lock into place.

Luminous paint for low lighting

Similar to the luminous paint used for Sigma Cine lenses, the MC-31’s painted markings make them easier to see in low light settings.

Coming soon

The Sigma will ship February 27th for $679.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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