Storyblocks debuts Maker: a new video creation tool

Storyblocks debuted a new video creation tool called Maker. It’s a new integrated video creation and editing platform. According to Storyblocks, it helps users of any and all skill levels make pro-quality videos.

Essentially, this new video editor will help you create content for platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Also, the editor is capable of producing professional-level videos in just a few minutes.

“Video creation skills have become essential for the mass creative class in order to keep up with exploding global demand for digital content,” Storyblock wrote in the press release. “Storyblocks’ Maker enables businesses and content creators to produce video content quickly, without the unnecessary complexity of existing video editors.”

Maker offers guided creation

For those that are new to video editing, Maker offers tool guides. The guides will help you through the entire creation process.

“The tool guides users through the creation process from start to finish to help users, regardless of their creative or technical experience, create high quality videos that can be seamlessly utilized for both business and social media purposes,” according to Storyblocks.

Access to a huge library

Maker integrate Stockblocks’ royalty-free library. So, that means you have access to over 860,000 stock footage clips, as well as music tracks and photos. This should make it easier for creators to add text, animations, branding, intros and outros to their videos.

“Video has become the preferred medium for all storytellers, but we find many creatives lack the time, expertise or resources to create enough digital video to keep up with growing demand. Whether launching a YouTube channel, running a small business or working in creative at a large company, too often creatives struggle with an outdated, overly complex video creation process. We built Maker, paired with our market leading subscription library, in order to speed up and simplify video creation. We want to empower creatives of all skills and backgrounds to harness the power of professional digital video to grow their businesses,” said TJ Leonard, CEO, Storyblocks.

Pricing and availability

Storyblocks Maker is free to use. You can upgrade to Storyblocks’ Unlimited All Access subscription plan to gain access to high resolution exporting and remove watermarks on projects that use Storyblocks content.

Image courtesy: Storyblocks

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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