Sony launches new UWP-D wireless microphone series

Sony Electronics has announced a new portable, two-channel receiver, the URX-P41D. As part of Sony’s UWP-D series, the new receiver will work with all UWP-D transmitters. It is also backward compatible with previous generations.

Digital audio interface

The URX-P41D has a digital audio interface, which will improve sound quality. Sony’s Digital Audio Processing uses digital signal processing (DSP) for digital companding. This improves sound quality by optimizing a time-constant range between the transmitter and receiver, making the reproduction of sound more accurate. It also provides transient response performance, which should enable clear and crisp audio for interview-style recording.

Auto gain

The URX-P41D has an auto gain mode and output level control to help ensure that your audio levels are correct when out in the field. The auto gain will help to prevent any unwanted distortion. In addition, output level control allows you to increase the output level if necessary when using an XLR cable.


Sony URX-P41D
Image courtesy: Sony

With the URX-P41D’s NFC SYNC function, you can quickly and easily set the channel for your microphone system. You simply hold the NFC SYNC button on the receiver for a few seconds. The receiver then automatically scans the appropriate frequency. One identified, just touching the receiver to the transmitter will sync the channel for optimum speed and efficiency. The URX-P41D utilizes a space diversity reception system which reduces interruptions in reception. The unit has two antennas, and the angle of these can be adjusted to eliminate signal dropout further.


The URX-P41D is compact, weighing only 5.6 ounces without batteries. It also measures only 2.5 by 2.8 by 1.4 inches. Sony has designed it to fit on top of your camera attached to the MI (Multi Interface) shoe or cold shoe. The URX-P41D supports the MI shoe with Digital Audio Interface. You can use it with Sony’s XDCAM camcorders, Alpha interchangeable lens cameras, and some Cinema Line cameras.

External input

The URX-P41D has an external microphone input for a wired microphone in addition to the wireless signals. This means you can achieve three-channel audio recording if you use a Sony lavalier microphone through the external microphone input. In addition, you can record four-channel audio recordings if you use a stereo microphone through the external microphone input.

Pricing and availability

The Sony URX-P41D will be available in April 2022 as a stand-alone receiver for a suggested list price of $679. You can also get it as part of a new kit, the UWP-D27, which will include two UTX-B40 Bodypack Transmitters. This has a suggested list price of $1,229.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
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