Sony just released a 25K digital cinema camera: BURANO

Sony has announced that it will be launching a new digital cinema camera in its CineAlta range, the Sony BURANO. The BURANO has a sensor to match the color science of the flagship Sony Venice 2 in a body designed for solo camera operators or small crews. The BURANO has an E-mount lens mount with a removable PL adaptor.

8.6K sensor

Image courtesy: Sony

The new Sony BURANO has an 8.6K full-frame sensor that shares most of the Venice 2 specifications. It also uses the same color science, which means that the BURANO can work alongside the Venice in all types of productions. In addition, the BURANO’s sensor features dual base ISOs of 800 and 3200 and 16 stops of dynamic range.

Video resolutions

This new cinema camera has an 8K maximum resolution of 8632 x 4856 at up to 30 fps and supports 16:9 and 17:9 readouts in full frame (8.6K) and Super 35 (5.8K). The new camera can also shoot at up to 60 fps in 6K (full frame crop) and 120 fps in 4K (Super 35 crop). The BURANO is equipped with two CFexpress Type B memory card slots and supports VPG400. This can sustain high bitrate writing of video data, including X-OCN LT 8K.

Recording formats

There are a range of internal recording formats, including X-OCN LT, as well as the new Sony XAVC H and industry-standard XAVC-I format. X-OCN is the Sony compressed RAW format that records everything that the 8.6K sensor can capture in a broad latitude 16-bit scene linear file. In addition, the BURANO features 10-bit S-Log3 with XAVC H-I HQ recording at 1200 Mbps and XAVC H-I SQ recording at 800 Mbps for 8K30p.

Cinematic looks

The Sony BURANO supports log recording modes, including S-Gamut3 and S-Gamut.Cine. These color spaces cover a color gamut exceeding BT.2020 and DCI-P3. The new camera can also reproduce the same color as all cameras in the Sony Cinema Line, including the Venice. In addition, the BURANO comes with four new cinematic looks: Teal and Orange, Warm, Cool and Vintage. It also supports industry standard s709 and 709 (800 percent) Look Up Tables (LUTs).

Image stabilization

Sony BURANO side profile
Image courtesy: Sony

Sony says that the BURANO is the world’s first digital cinema camera with PL mount to support in-body image stabilization. It’s a new compact image stabilization system based on the technology used in the Alpha range of cameras. The image stabilization also features a gyroscopic sensor and control algorithm to compensate for camera shake even when handheld shooting while walking. In addition, Sony says that stabilization is even greater when using E-mount lenses.

Electronic ND

The Sony BURANO uses a new electronic variable ND (neutral density) filter, which has been redesigned to be smaller and compatible with the image stabilization system. It can smoothly and continuously change its density from 0.6 (1/4) to 2.1 (1/128). You simply need to adjust the ND dial. In addition, you can maintain a constant depth of field by adjusting the electronic ND filter and the iris control together. There is also an Auto ND function to give the correct exposure as an alternative to Auto Iris.


The Sony BURANO features enhanced Fast Hybrid autofocus (AF). This combines phase detection AF for fast, accurate subject tracking with contrast AF for exceptional focus accuracy. The camera also has Face Detection, which intelligently recognizes and locks onto human faces. In addition, the BURANO’s onboard AI processing unit uses Human pose estimation technology. This can track a subject facing away from the camera or wearing a mask.

Other features

For design, the camera features a compact and lightweight body, which is around 1.25 inches (32mm) shorter and 33 percent lighter than the Venice 2. The camera features a 3.5-inch multi-function LCD monitor, which you can use as a viewfinder for touch focus or menu control. In addition, all menu buttons are positioned on the camera operator’s side, and there are three tally lamps to make it easier to check the shooting status. In addition, the BURANO comes with an optional T-handle, viewfinder arm, two 3-pin XLR audio inputs and a stereo minijack headphone terminal.

What we think

The Sony BURANO has a great specification that combines the image quality of the Venice 2 with the solo shooter features of the FX9, FX6 and even FX3 Cinema Line cameras. In-body image stabilization, electronic ND and autofocus could make this the perfect camera for solo shooters. The BURANO is also around half the price of a Venice 2. This could make the BURANO a tempting upgrade for FX9 users, even though it’s more than double the price of that camera.  

Pricing and availability

The Sony BURANO digital cinema camera will be available in Spring 2024. Online retailer B&H is showing the price as $25,000.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.

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