SmallRig announces powerful COB LED video lights

SmallRig’s new AstralTech optical system packs a punch in the company’s new RC 350D, RC 350B and 450 COB LED lights.

The announcement

The RC 350 and 450 follow the RC 220, this time shooting for the high-end professional market. SmallRig’s new “AstralTech” system is much more powerful, offering 35 percent greater output than the competition.

So, what do the new lights offer?

SmallRig’s new optical system also boasts high-power LED chips, high-transmission (97 percent) multi-coat front glass, and a COB bead arrangement for even color mixing. Its aerodynamic shape is inspired by aircraft, and fire retardant metal housing makes for better durability.

The new system also introduces an upgraded “Control Experience” as part of the expandable control panel/DMX control unit. Connect to the external control panel for quick access to critical settings. Further, control the lights through the “SmallGoGO” mobile app for even more ease and comfort.

Ultra-quiet cooling fans ensure noise-free video recording, with noise capping out between only 28 and 32 decibels.

Further specs and details

The new lights weigh 18.8 pounds (8.54 kg) and produce an accurate color rendering CRI of +96 and TLCI of +97. Power outputs at 115,000 and 149,000 lux for the RC 350 B and D, respectively. For the RC 450 B and D, expect 121,000 and 172,000 lux, respectively.

The rigs include an improved light stand mount, as well as an AC power adapter with a gallium nitride chip. This reduces heat generation and increases overall power efficiency.

Pricing and availability

Available now, the RC 350D starts at $799, the RC 350B at $899 and the RC 450B at $1,099. The Light Control Panel can be purchased for $79.

Maddy Cowee
Maddy Cowee
Maddy Cowee is a writer, editor and film student.

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