ROKINON launches new 18mm F2.8 lens for Sony E mount

ROKINON has revealed the AF 18mm F2.8 Full Frame lens for Sony E mount. ROKINON says it’s built for “for portability, compactness, and ergonomic handling.”

This is the fourth compact Sony E mount lens from ROKINON. The AF 18mm F2.8 Full Frame lens weighs 5.12oz in weight and 1.99” in length. “It is the most compact, lightweight, and affordable” super-wide angle full frame lens for Sony E mount, according to ROKINON.

Its 18mm focal length offers a rectilinear 100.1-degrees angle view that should work well for landscape shooting. Additionally, for Sony APS-C sensor cameras, the focal length is equivalent to 27mm with a 76.2° field of view.

Image that is shot with the 18mm F2.8

Let’s look inside the 18mm F2.8

There are nine Ultra Multicoated elements in eight groups in the 18mm F2.8. Also, there are eight specialized lens elements: 3 Aspherical, 2 High Refractive Index, and 3 Extra-low Dispersion elements). Combined, those elements minimize distortion for “high image sharpness, clarity, and contrast,” according to ROKINON.

Internal focusing

The internal focusing design of the AF 18mm uses an STM (a stepless motor) for autofocusing to 9.8”. Additionally, this also prevents both changes in the length and front element rotation. This should make it easy to enable 58mm polarizing and other filters.

18mm F2.8’s Durability

Let’s talk about durability. ROKINON built the lens’s mount from metal. Additionally, it’s built from glass strengthened composite material to reduce weight and increase durability.

Pricing and availability

The ROKINON AF 18mm F2.8 Full Frame Compact lens for Sony E will be out in early October for $499.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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