Previs Pro brings pro storyboarding to your iPhone

Gone are the days of storyboarding with paper. Previs Pro is a previsualization app for creators storyboarding for their video projects.

Available for iPad or iPhone, Previs Pro helps you construct storyboards using both virtual sets and augmented reality. This app seems to have everything you need. It offers multiple camera types, all with adjustable aspect ratios. There’s even an option to select between spotlights and lanterns with adjustable intensity and colors. You also have access to hundreds of customizable characters and props in the app’s library.

How does Previs Pro work?

When starting a new storyboard project in Previs Pro, you have the option to name the project and select the camera/sensor and aspect ratio of the shot. There’s also a filter option for those wanting to add a color grade. From what we can see, the app offers the options to use a Full frame 35mm, iPhone Native, Canon APS-C, or Nikon APS-C when selecting in the “Camera/Sensor” category. Next, you can select where your scene is located, whether the set is interior or exterior, and add any important notes about the scene.

Video courtesy: Previs Pro

Building your set and planning your shots

Once you’re working on your first storyboard panel, there are options to add and edit props, characters, walls, and lights. Additionally, the camera is adjustable in three dimensions, allowing you to capture various shot angles, heights and distances. All the tools look highly customizable and versatile. There’s even an option to import PNG files into the scene.

However, one of the most notable features Previs Pro offers is its augmented reality mode. The app is capable of placing your characters into real life. This allows you to take the role of cameraman and plan your shot movements and angles ahead of time.

Image courtesy: Previs Pro
Image courtesy: Previs Pro


Previs Pro allows users to choose from five different storyboard layouts. These layouts will include important information, like camera type, movement dimensions, height, and distances. Every storyboard you create is printable, exportable, shareable, and integrable into Final Draft, Celtx and Studio Binder.

Pricing and availability

The Previs Pro app is available for download in the App Store. Initially, the app is free, however there are in-app purchases. Still, Previs Pro looks like it’s an incredibly useful tool for every filmmaker.

Image courtesy: Previs Pro

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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