PreSonus Studio One 5.5 comes with major updates

PreSonus has released a major update to its award-winning recording and production software, PreSonus Studio One. The new version, Studio One 5.5, adds production, performance, and mastering improvements. Studio One 5.5 is unique as it is the only digital audio workstation (DAW) with an integrated mastering environment.

Project Page

This new upgrade means you now have full track volume, master volume and insert-effects plug-in parameter automation on the program’s Project Page. You can also write the automation in real-time using a mouse, hardware controller or the Studio One 5.5 Paint Tool.

Listen Bus

PreSonus has also added Clip Gain Envelopes to the Studio One 5.5 Project Page. This means you can fix gain issues while mastering without using dynamics plug-ins. PreSonus also added a new Listen Bus to the Project Page. With this, you can monitor through your favorite room-correction plug-ins or headphone monitoring tools without affecting the master output.

Track Transform

Track Transform is now available on the Studio One 5.5 Project Page and the Song Page. With Track Transform, you can create rendered files of your mastered track with insert effects and automation parameters printed into the file. Notably, the program does this reversibly and non-destructively. In addition, this means you can reduce the computer processing power required for your session without losing the ability to make adjustments later.

Digital Release

PreSonus Studio One
Image courtesy: PreSonus

The Digital Release window on the Studio One 5.5 Project Page now features a list of available audio formats, which you can export in a single pass. Also, you can set target values for loudness and true peak during export with the new Loudness options in the Digital Release window of the Project Page.

Dithering algorithm

PreSonus Studio One 5.5 features a new, proprietary, custom-designed dithering algorithm that minimizes conversion artifacts and preserves low-level signals. This is great for when you are preparing your high-resolution audio for streaming.

MIDI files

You can now drag any MIDI file directly to the Chord Track to extract its chords in Studio One 5.5. You can also create a strum pattern manually by dragging note events in a selected chord while holding modifier keys.

Ampire XT

PreSonus Ampire XT is PreSonus’ guitar amp/cabinet/pedalboard plug-in and is available in Studio One 5.5. It adds faster preset switching optimized for the Show Page. This means you can trigger Ampire presets from a MIDI pedalboard during a live performance without missing a beat.

ATOM-series controllers

Studio One 5.5 includes other improvements, such as saving automation with mix scenes. This means you can experiment with multiple automation passes without losing work. In addition, PreSonus ATOM-series controllers now control sample edit parameters in Impact XT and Sample One.

Pricing and availability

You can update to PreSonus Studio One 5.5 for free update if you are a registered Studio One 5 user. It is also included in PreSonus Sphere membership.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
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