PreSonus announces Studio One 6.6

PreSonus has announced the release of PreSonus Studio One 6.6. The company says that the latest upgrade to its digital audio workstation (DAW) will take audio creation to new heights.

Direct upload to TuneCore

TuneCore is the leading independent development and distribution platform for self-releasing artists. With the release of version 6.6, PreSonus has integrated access to TuneCore’s services directly into the Studio One interface. This means that you upload your masters directly to TuneCore without leaving the DAW. “By combining distribution via TuneCore with the integrated mastering tools in Studio One, we are empowering our users to focus on what truly matters most: creating music,” said Arnd Kaiser, general manager at PreSonus Software.

Apple Spatial Audio monitoring

With the latest upgrade, Studio One 6.6 has expanded its unique immersive recording and mixing capabilities. The latest version of the DAW introduces Apple Spatial Audio monitoring within the native Dolby Atmos renderer. Although it is only available for Mac users, these new monitoring capabilities will allow you to accurately reference mixes. It will also provide a better representation of how your music will translate to Apple Music and Apple headphones. In addition, the feature includes head tracking and personalized profiles when used with compatible Apple headphones.

Other improvements

Studio One 6.6 expands the standard 5.1 and 7.1 formats with up to 6 additional top surround channels. All bed and object channels also now provide dedicated mute and solo buttons inside the Dolby Atmos Renderer window. In addition, Studio One is expanding its catalog of virtual instruments with the introduction of Lead Architect. This is a new synthesizer designed for lead sounds that combines elements from modular analog and digital synths with field recordings. Lead Architect’s sound library has been sampled from rare hardware instruments and then post-processed using hardware effects processors and stompboxes to give them a unique edge.

What we think

With the release of Studio One 6.6, PreSonus has added more features for professional music creators. The integration with TuneCore will speed up your distribution process, and there’s even a 50% off code for Studio One+ subscribers joining TuneCore. The Apple Spatial Audio monitoring is also a useful new addition, though Windows users will be disappointed that it’s exclusively for Mac. In addition, the new Studio One+ Hybrid license is a novel response to users who were disappointed with the subscription model. It’ll be interesting to see how the customer base responds to this new way of buying the software.

Pricing and availability

PreSonus Studio One 6.6 is available now. The update is free to existing Studio One 6 Pro owners and active Studio One+ subscription members. If you are a new customer there is a tiered pricing system. A Studio One+ Hybrid license costs $179. This replaces the Studio One+ Annual license. A Studio One+ Hybrid rewards annual subscribers with a perpetual Studio One Pro license at the end of their subscription year. You can also opt for the Studio One+ Monthly license at $19. Alternatively, you can choose the Studio One Pro Perpetual license at $399.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
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