Potential Leitz Cine scam concerns company

Leitz Cine has warned customers to be on the lookout for potential scam emails. The company raised the alarm after a domain name very similar to its own was purchased.

Who is Leitz Cine?

Leitz Cine is a trading name of the German company Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH. The company was formed in 2007 and is a sister company to Leica.

What has happened?

The company’s genuine website has the domain name leitz-cine.com. However, the domain name “laitz-cine.com” was recently registered. The only difference between the two domain names is that the “e” in Leitz has been changed to an “a.” At the time of writing, the website only shows a basic file structure and no actual website.

What is the concern?

Although the website is not active, Leitz Cine is concerned the laitz-cine.com domain could be used to send emails. Due to the very similar spelling, customers might not realize that the emails aren’t actually from Leitz Cine.

Leitz Cine said, “Recently it has come to our attention that a scammer organization has registered the domain laitz-cine.com and could attempt to contact clients via email impersonating our employees in order to initiate scams. Please be extra vigilant in your communications going forward.”

Leitz Cine has contacted companies it works with and advised them to block emails that use the laitz-cine.com domain. The company also said: “If you suspect that any communication seems suspicious, has unusually poor grammar, includes a strange URL link or attachment, or makes an odd request, please do not respond and reach out directly via phone to either our Customer Care team or your regional sales manager immediately. If a communication is found to be from a scammer notify your IT professionals immediately.”

What we think

Leitz Cine has referred to the company behind the laitz-cine.com as a “scammer organization.” This shows that the company is clearly concerned about what the domain will be used for. Hopefully, the proactive actions that’s been taken will prevent anyone from being caught out. However, we would recommend that you are always cautious with emails and take a few moments to check that they are from a genuine company before clicking on any links.

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