Panasonic NAB will bring us a lot of new broadcasting products

Panasonic has announced it will showcase a next-gen IP/IT platform, a 12G-SDI 4K live switcher and a 4K/HDR shoulder-mount camcorder at the upcoming NAB New York.

Let’s take some time and look at each of the three new products individually:

Panasonic upcoming products at NAB New York

New IT/IP-Centric Platform with Open Architecture

Panasonic at NAB predicts “ground-breaking innovations” to many video industry markets with this platform.

The platform is slated to be fully resolution and format-independent and based on the latest technology in software and CPU/GPU processing. Additionally, it brings uncompressed processing, true uncompressed 4K inputs and full support of baseband and IP signals at the same time. Furthermore, the platform can also be used for remote production. It can also be integrated into a fully IP-based environment.

As for its latency, Panasonic promises a very low 1-frame latency processing.

AV-UHS500 4K Live Production Switcher

The AV-UHS500 is a 12G-SDI compatible compact 4K live switcher that’s planned for release in February 2020. The AV-UHS500 offers 4K/3G/HD multi-format support and allows the same number of HD inputs and outputs to be maintained even when operating in 4K.

AV-UHS500 4K live production video switcher
AV-UHS500 4K live production video switcher

There are five optional boards that you can purchase. The additional boards can be freely installed. Each board will increase the number of inputs to as many as 16 SDI or eight HDMI. The unit itself is made with five keyers. That includes two channels of chroma-key and two channels of PinP. It also offers an up/down conversion function, HDR/SDR conversion function and ITU-R BT.2020/BT.709 conversion function.

AJ-CX4000 4K/HDR Premium Shoulder-Mount Camcorder

Launching in December, according to Panasonic’s NAB press release, the AJ-CX4000 expands the 4K CX camcorder series. The camera uses a B4 lens mount and an interchangeable lens model. Inside, it sports an 11MP image sensor and shoots 4K recording with a horizontal resolution of 2000 TV lines. Additionally, it’s compatible with HDR that’s compliant with BT.2100 and BT.2020.

AJ-CX4000 4K HDR ENG shoulder-mount camera
AJ-CX4000 4K HDR ENG shoulder-mount camera

The AJ-CX4000 supports RTMPS and RTSP for live streaming and NDI/HX for live production. Also, its “HEVC” codec offers extended recording with 4K/10-bit image quality. Additionally, the camera includes support for recording in the P2 MXF AVC ULTRA codec, support for UHD 60p/50p 10-bit 4:2:2 output via a 12G-SDI output. Lastly, it works with expressP2 cards, microP2 cards or low-cost SDXC memory cards.

You can catch all Panasonic products at the upcoming NAB Show in New York. It will be held at the Javits Center on October 16 to 17. If you want to learn more, head to Panasonic’s website.