Olympus E-M1X seems to be a costly alternative to the GH5

The newest flagship camera Micro Thirds camera from Olympus, the E-M1X, is a camera that’s made for a very specific crowd of photographers.

The key points for the E-M1X are its shooting and stabilization capabilities. It shoots 60 fps with focus and exposure locked at the first frame. Yet, it can still get 18 fps with a few different focus and exposure arrangements. The E-M1X features 7.5 stops of compensations when stabilizing. But while these are a few impressive specs, the camera doesn’t seem like it would attract a huge following. Plus, it’s 3 grand — twice the amount for the GH5.


The sensor in this camera can capture 20.4-megapixel images and can take 80-megapixel images through “High Res Shot.” There’s also a “Handheld High Res Shot” mode that allows you to shoot images at 50 megapixels handheld.

Back of Olympus E-M1X
Though the E-M1X has some good specs, it’s designed for a very specific crowd


The E-M1X’s autofocus uses 121 points, cross-type phase detection array that’s built into the sensor. Also, AI-powered algorithms supposedly improved AF performance.

Design and durability

The viewfinder has a 120 fps progressive readout and a .005 second latency. Plus, it offers 0.83x magnification. Olympus says the camera exceeds IPX1 water resistance, so if the camera gets wet there shouldn’t be a problem. Also, the camera is dust, splash, and freeze-proof.

Who is the camera for?

Olympus claims the E-M1X is a pro-grade camera that’s targeting sports and wildlife photographers. It’s high frame rate and durability should be attractive features for those kinds of photographers. However, a lot of those kinds of photographers can find what they’re looking for in the GH5 instead. Our guess is the kind of photographers that would go for the E-M1X are the ones that weren’t happy with the GH5 and are looking for a more photo-focused alternative — an expensive alternative at that. Again, it’s twice the cost of the GH5.

Pricing and availability

The E-M1X is priced at $2,999 and is open for pre-order now.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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