Nvidia GeForce RTX cards now support 10-bit color in Adobe

NVIDIA’s latest Studio driver will add support for 10-bit color in Adobe Photoshop CC, Premiere CC and other OpenGL-powered apps. The updates apply to all GeForce RTX GPUs.

This is very big news. Previously, you had to buy an expensive Quadro RTX card if you wanted to use a 10-bit HDR monitor during any kind of video or photo editing. Thanks to this update, GeForce RTX cards can now support a 10-bit HDR workflow.

GeForce RTX on par with Quadro RTX after 10-bit color in Adobe update

It looks like this brings the GeForce RTX closer to the standard of the Quadro RTX. It may even be a better bargain for someone that wants to save some cash; it’s half the price of the Quadro RTX. Though, you still won’t get the ECC-enabled memory for mission-critical applications.

New RTX Studio laptop performance

In addition to the 10-bit color in Adobe support feature, NVIDIA claims the latest RTX Studio laptops offer “performance up to seven times faster than that of the MacBook Pro.” Additionally, NVIDIA says they “meet the hardware and software requirements needed to receive the new RTX Studio badge, allowing creators to easily identify the right systems to power their creative workflows.”

The new Studio laptops, which come with GPUs ranging from GeForce RTX 2060 to Quadro RTX 5000, include:

You can try out the 10-bit color in Adobe feature if you have the latest Studio driver and updated versions of Photoshop and Premiere Pro CC. You can get the latest Studio driver here.

Image courtesy NVIDIA

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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