NAB 2023: Roland VR-6HD wins Best Streaming Solution

Congratulations, Roland. This year, the Roland VR-6HD is going home with our award for Best Streaming Solution of NAB. This all-in-one device provides video switching, audio mixing and stream encoding in one compact package.

What you can do with the Roland VR-6HD

The Roland VR-6HD is a hardware video switcher and stream encoder with built-in audio mixing. It’s a portable solution for business presentations, worship services and other professional streaming applications. With easy access to tactile controls like audio faders and video event trigger buttons, Roland promises all production tasks can be easily performed by a single operator.

top view of the Roland VR-6HD

I/O options

The Roland VR-6HD sports six HDMI inputs that support Full HD video feeds in a variety of frame rates and color spaces. The device also supports inputs from computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and legacy devices using the 4:3 aspect ratio. Plus, the ability to remotely control robotic PTZ cameras allows for on-the-fly camera angle adjustments without an additional camera operator.

As for audio, the VR-6HD offers 28 simultaneous audio channels along with EQ and dynamics processing for each channel. Plus, you can stream audio directly from any mobile device via built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

The device also provides flexibility when it comes to stream output and monitoring. It offers assignable video outputs via HDMI, USB-C and ethernet. LAN streaming allows for direct broadcasting to Twitch, YouTube and more. Plus, you can record your stream directly to SDXC card simultaneously.

Streaming extras

Roland VR-6HD from the rear showing input and output ports

Along with video switching and audio mixing, the Roland VR-6HD also supports still and video clip playback as well as video effect, graphics and keying with five composition layers. This streaming box also includes a library of audio presets and clean-up tools like de-essing and noise suppression.

Finally, the Roland VR-HD includes a number of powerful automation functions with 32 scene memories, a 1,000-step sequencer and automated switching and mixing.

Pricing and availability

The Roland VR-6HD is available for pre-order for around $3,000. For more information, head to

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