NAB 2023: Easyrig STABIL G3 garners Best Support

Congratulations to Easyrig; This year’s award for Best Support of NAB goes to the Easyrig STABIL G3. This camera support arm integrates with the Easyrig Cinema 3 and Vario 5 stabilizing vest systems. It promises to help camera operators capture smoother walking shots.

Getting to know the STABIL G3

Easyrig STABIL G3 locking mechanism

The Easyrig STABIL G3 is a stabilizing support arm that mounts onto existing Cinema 3 and Vario 5 systems. It is designed to provide improved weight distribution. This offers better ergonomics and stability for the camera operator, especially for shots that require walking.

Paired with an Easyrig vest and suspension line, the STABIL G3 spreads the camera’s weight and rigging evenly across the torso. This promises to prevent fatigue and result in smoother camera movement.

As for capacity, the STABIL G3 supports camera setups between 11 and 55 pounds. That covers a broad range of potential camera setups, from modest interchangeable-lens camera setups to fully rigged-out cinema cameras.

Continued improvement

Now in its third generation, the STABIL G3 uses a foldable design for easier travel and storage. This makes it much more desirable for filmmakers on the go. As another small convenience, the support arm also now includes a built-in hanger for hanging the rig from film carts and other edged surfaces.

Additionally, the STABIL G3 arm itself can be adjusted to different angles depending on the needs of the production. New in this iteration is a redesigned locking mechanism that allows camera operators to lock the arm without a pin. With this, locking in the right camera angle and composition is quicker and easier.

Pricing and availability

The Easyrig STABIL G3 is available now with a price tag of about $2,400. It’s also available as an upgrade when purchasing a new Easyrig Vario 5 or Cinema 3 camera stabilization system. To learn more, visit

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