NAB 2022: BirdDog Core line wins Best Monitor/Recorder

Congratulations to BirdDog for earning Videomaker’s Best Monitor/Recorder award at NAB 2022 with its new Core 5 and Core 7 NDI monitor/recorders.

The Core 5 and Core 7 are multi-purpose monitors and recorders that can work with a wide variety of cameras. They’re capable of working as a video monitor, a cross converter, a video analysis tool and an NDI encoder capable of streaming formats like H.264 or HEVC. Essentially, the two models are pretty much the same, except they have different screen sizes. The Core 5 has a 5.5-inch screen, while the Core 7 houses a 7-inch screen. BirdDog also threw in an additional bi-directional 12G SDI connector and an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis for the Core 7.

Conversion flexibility

BirdDog, putting out some of today’s most innovative NDI technology, impressed us with these industry-first NDI, on-set monitor/recorders. With them, you can convert any SDI or HDMI signal into an NDI signal live. This includes NDI, NDI | HX2, NDI | HX3, SRT, H.264, HEVC/H.265, RTMP or RTSP in up to 4K 60 frame per second (fps).

Additionally, you can record files to USB-C ports. When this is used with BirdDob’s Cloud Connect, the company claims the BirdDog Core becomes a globally connected camera with “extremely low latency.”

Ready to use in bright conditions

An important aspect you need to look for in a monitor you’re going to use on set is a bright screen. Thankfully, the BirdDog Core has what BirdDog describes as “High Bright” screens that are viewable even in direct sunlight.

Video analysis tools

In addition to flexible conversion and bright screens, the new Core monitors/recorders also include a slew of useful video analysis tools. This includes tools like vectorscopes, Waveform and RGB parade. Also, the include an SPF+ port, allowing for a direct 10GbE connection over copper or Fiber.

Pricing and availability

When it comes down to it, BirdDog’s Core 5 and Core 7 are handy tools and deserve our award for best monitor/recorder at NAB 2022.

The BirdDog Core 5 runs for $1,295, while the Core 7 model costs $1,495. You can purchase both models now.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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