NAB 2019: Avid debuts Media Composer 2019

This week at NAB, Avid announced the release of a “reimagined” Media Composer 2019 — the company’s flagship video editing system.

Here is Avid’s introduction video for the new Media Composer:

Media Composer is popular among a wide variety of creators, spanning from aspiring to professional editors, but Avid promises the new Media Composer 2019 will inspire its users to “work more creatively …” How? By offering them a new user experience along with a next-generation Avid media engine.

“After receiving input from hundreds of editors and teams across the media industry, and knowing where the industry is headed, we reimagined Media Composer, the product that created the nonlinear video editing category and remains the gold standard,” said Jeff Rosica, CEO and President at Avid. “Media Composer 2019 is both evolutionary and revolutionary. It maintains what longtime users know and love while giving them more of what they need today—and what they will need tomorrow.”

Let’s talk about what is new in Media Composer 2019

New User Experience

With Media Composers 2019, users can work with a paneled interface that should reduce clutter. Bins have a new look as well. They have been redesigned to help users find media faster. Finally, task-based workspaces allow for user customization.

Next Generation Avid Media Engine

The new engine gives users more power though native OP1A, support for more video and audio streams, Live Timeline and background rendering. Plus there’s a distributed processing add-on option intended to shorten turnaround times and speed up post-production. The feature allows users to render media across multiple machines.

New Finishing and Delivery Workflows

In Media Composer 2019, users can handle working in 8K, 16K, or HDR with its new built-in 32-bit full float color pipeline. Enhanced color grading and finishing tools mean users can keep projects in Media Composer from rough cut to final export.

Need to work in 16K? Media Composer 2019 can handle it
Need to work in 16K? Media Composer 2019 can handle it. Image courtesy Avid.

Customizable Toolset

For larger production teams, Media Composer Enterprise will offer administrative control to customize the interface for specific roles in the organization. Additionally, there’s added security to lock down content.

When will the new version roll out?

The new Media Composer, including Media Composer, Media Composer First, Media Composer Ultimate and Media Composer Enterprise, will be out at the end of May.

Image courtesy and Avid.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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