Mackie launches DLZ Creator for podcasting and streaming

Mackie has launched the Mackie DLZ Creator adaptive digital mixer for podcasting and streaming. Its unique features allow you to change the on-screen controls to meet your creative style or skill levels. With the DLZ Creator, you can record or stream your podcast to a computer via USB-C. Alternatively, you can record full multitrack audio directly to an SD card without the need for a computer.


The DLZ Creator has a 10.1-inch high-resolution full-color touch display with an anti-glare coating. There are also five dynamically color-coded rotary controls and nine professional 100 mm audio faders. In addition, there are backlit mute, solo, sample triggers and nav buttons. With the DLZ Creator sample controls, you can store your favorite sounds and record new ones on the fly to a Micro SD card.

Audio processing and recording

Image courtesy: Mackie

The DLZ Creator gives you professional audio processing, including a 3-band parametric equalizer and a high pass filter. There is also a noise gate, de-esser and a compressor. In addition, you can add Atomizer Reverb and Chronotronic Delay effects to your audio. As well as audio processing, DLZ Creator offers flexible multitrack recording and stereo playback to a MicroSD card and a USB thumb drive.

Audio inputs and outputs

The DLZ Creator has eight audio inputs, including four discrete XLR/TRS combo inputs. There are also two stereo channels, one with dual 1/4-inch TRS inputs and one with a 1/8-inch TRS connection. In addition, there is a stereo bi-directional Bluetooth channel. The DLZ Creator has Onyx80 mic preamps with up to 80 dB gain and a 14×4 USB-C audio interface for Mac or Windows computers. For monitoring, there are four independent headphone outputs with level controls for each output.

Three control modes

Image courtesy: Mackie

You can choose between three control modes when using the DLZ Creator. In Easy Mode, you can focus on the final results rather than concentrating on operating the equipment. It also allows you to select a preset for your microphone, and the DLZ Creator will automatically set the gain level. In Advanced Mode, you have expanded control with tools including EQ, compression, a noise gate, a de-esser and effects. Finally, Pro Mode is fully customizable and gives you total control.

Setup assistant

The DLZ Creator has a Setup Assistant, which works across all three Control Modes. The DLZ Mix Agent guides you through your channel configuration. It also includes automatic gain for your input levels and a fast headphone output setup. In addition, Auto Mix automatically manages levels for up to four mics so everyone can be heard, even when they speak at the same time. When you use the Mix Minus feature with your Bluetooth-connected smartphone, you can even add a caller into the mix with no audible echo when they speak.

What we think

Image courtesy: Mackie

The DLZ Creator looks like a great tool for creators who want to improve their audio content. It looks like a powerful digital mixer and recorder for podcasts and streaming. The option to switch between Easy, Enhanced and Pro modes also means that you can take more control over your audio as you become more experienced. In addition, the automated features and on-screen prompts will help you develop your audio skills and become a better audio producer.

Pricing and availability

The Mackie DLZ Creator adaptive digital mixer is available now and is priced at $799.

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