Loupedeck launches the Loupedeck Live S

Loupedeck’s latest customizable creative console, the Loupedeck Live S is now available to buy. It’s designed for streamers, gamers and anyone else looking for more control over their livestreams.


The main feature of the Loupedeck Live S is the touchscreen. It has fifteen touch-controlled buttons that you can fully customize. You can also configure up to 14 pages of buttons, giving you 210 options in total. To move between pages, you simply swipe the screen. You can personalize the touchscreen display by adjusting the RGB color lights and creating your own static or animated icons. In addition, you can download pre-made icon packs from the Loupedeck Marketplace.

Other controls

Loupedeck Live S
Image courtesy: Loupedeck

As well as the touchscreen, the Loupedeck Live S has four buttons and two dials, all of which are customizable. You can map actions that you regularly use to the buttons or use them to trigger macros. The dials are great for controlling audio levels, and you can also press them to mute your audio. However, you can also use them to zoom in and out of applications or simply to scroll within a browser window. In addition, you can swipe up and down on the touchscreen to switch between multiple dial configuration pages.


The Loupedeck Live S measures only 5.9 by 3.4 by 1.2 inches (150 by 85.5 by 30 mm), so you won’t have any problem finding room for it in your streaming setup. It’s also light, weighing under 6 ounces (168 g). The console connects to your Mac or Windows PC with a USB-C or USB-A connection. It also comes with a 35-degree detachable stand.


Loupedeck Live S in use
Image courtesy: Loupedeck

The Loupedeck Live S has native support for Twitch, OBS, Streamlabs and Voicemod. You can also use it with applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. In addition, the Loupedeck marketplace gives you tools specifically tailored to your console and over 200 downloadable items. There are 48 profiles for software, including Davinci Resolve, Media Composer, Adobe Indesign, Garage Band and Blender. There are also plugins, icon packs, sound packs, stream overlays, emotes and badges, along with presets and styles.


The Loupedeck Live S seems to make livestreamers’ lives simpler. You can create custom actions and macros and then run them with a single button press. This means you can concentrate on your game or interact with your audience. However, you can also use the Live S to help increase your productivity working with a wide range of software, from Final Cut to Excel. 

Pricing and availability

The Loupedeck Live S is available now and costs $179.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.

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