Logitech has reportedly acquired Litra’s intellectual property

Litra, known for its small, portable production lights (such as LitraTourch 2.0 and LitraPro Bi-Color), has reportedly sold its IP to Logitech.

According to a report by DIYPhotography (DYIP), Litra’s products will now be sold under the Logitech branding. DYIP reports that Litra sent an email to all of its partners and distributors to notify them about the IP transfer. However, the report claims Litra will still offer customer support and support warranties into 2022.

Will Logitech sell all Litra’s products?

Over the years, Litra’s made a name for themselves in the lighting industry. Though they aren’t the biggest light manufacturers around, they’re very popular amongst the people that use them. It is not known if Logitech will rebrand all of Litra’s products or if the company will use its IP technology to develop its own lights.

What will happen to Litra?

It is unclear what will happen to Litra after the IP transfer is complete. The company may decide to continue developing lights, or they could venture into a new market.

As for Logitech, there’s a few options. Having reportedly acquired the Litra IP, it has the opportunity to expand on Litra’s technology and break into the lighting market. However, that would require the compny to invest in developing the technology, we don’t know if they have plans to do that. It’s possible Logitech got Litra’s IP to support their products. Logitech develops professional webcams, so having their own line of small, portable lights isn’t a stretch.

Officially, Litra hasn’t announced it has sold its IP, but the DIYP report comes from a source they believe to be reliable. If true, we’ll likely see an announcement for either Litra or Logitech soon.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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