Light and Motion CLx10 is a “portable” and “powerful” pro LED light

Light and Motion claims its new CLx10 is the “most powerful” on-location LED of its kind.

The CLx10 is the latest LED light from Light and Motion. They’ve made many improvements to the light over past models. For instance, the CLx10 is 25 percent more powerful than the CLx8, according to Light and Motion. “The CLx10 dramatically expands the freedom to harness the power of mirrorless cameras and stay in the moment,” says the company. “It is unlike any continuous light on the market.”

CLx10 overview

Light and Motion describes the CLx10 LED Light as a compact and powerful light. It can offer up to 10,000 lumens for up to 55 minutes. It can be adjusted to a minimum of 500 lumens for up to 15 hours. Additionally, it can deliver full output using its included AC adapter.

Video courtesy: Light and Motion

The light measures out to be 3.3 inches x 8 inches and weighs 2.7 pounds. It has a daylight 5600K color balance that can be tungsten-converted with filters. Also, the light is dimmable on the fixture or remotely at up to 606 feet with the EL Remote Control. As for durability, the CLx10 can handle a 3.28-foot drop and has the IP54 weatherproof rating.


  • Lumens: 10000 (high), 4000 (medium), 500 (low)
  • Battery: 45 min (high), 130 min (medium), 900 min (low)
  • Beam Angle: 120° (flood), 120° (native), 50° (modified), 25° – 120° (range)
  • Color Temperature: 5600k
  • CRI: 93
  • TLCI: 94
  • LUX: 16320

Pricing and availability

Currently, the CLx10 Light is open for pre-order. You can get the CLX10 for $1299. If you want to learn more about the light, you can go to

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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