NAB 2024: JVC KY-PZ540 Series wins best PTZ Camera

Congratulations to JVC; we’re pleased to announce the JVC KY-PZ540 Series PTZ Cameras with 40x Zoom is the winner of our Best Camera of NAB 2024 award.

Being the first-ever PTZ camera with a 40x zoom, let’s see at what this PTZ camera has to offer.

40x zoom

The KY-PZ540 PTZ cameras feature a 4K CMOS sensor and a 20x optical zoom when streaming in 4K. However, when outputting HD, JVC’s Variable Scan Mapping (VSM) technology dynamically scans the 4K sensor to produce a seamless and lossless image transition. This means that the KY-PZ540 Series cameras can deliver 40x full resolution zoom capability in HD.


The front of the KY-PZ540 PTZ cameras feature a two-color tally light, internal microphones and an IP address display. The rear panel has an HDMI port, a 3G-SDI connector and a 3.5 mm line-in audio socket. There are also an RS485 port, USB-C, RS-232C in and out ports and an RJ45 ethernet port. The power switch and 12V DC power inputs complete the rear panel connections. In addition, the KY-PZ540 PTZ cameras are available in black or white.

Video resolutions

The KY-PZ540 PTZ cameras can stream at up to 60p in 4K UHD, 1080 HD and 720 HD. Output via the HD-SDI connections is limited to 1080HD, but the HDMI can stream up to 4K. The cameras also support UVC (USB Video Class). In addition, the KY-PZ540N model has integrated NDI HX3 capabilities. NDI HX3 is the latest version of the NDI video-over-IP protocol that makes video streams sharable, visible and accessible over network connections.

H.265/HEVC streaming

The KY-PZ540 PTZ cameras deliver ultra-high resolution 4K 60p streaming using highly efficient H.265/HEVC compression technology. This is ideal for sports and events coverage. H.265/HEVC compression technology also produces similar or better image quality than H.264 at only 50% of the bitrate. In addition, the cameras use multi-slice encoding technology. This increases performance and efficiency while reducing latency to achieve optimal image quality of live transmissions in 4K 60p HEVC mode.

Auto tracking settings

The KY-PZ540 PTZ cameras’ subject auto tracking feature also has five new function settings. These are Standard, Area, Stage, Wide Area and Fine Adjustment. In Subject mode, you can set the headroom spacing above your subject. In addition, in Area mode, the camera captures the preset area frame where your subject is visible. When the subject moves to an adjacent area, the camera pans to the new area. In the Stage setting, the left and right panning borders are set, and your subject will be auto-tracked only within those borders.

What we think

JVC’s new KY-PZ540 PTZ cameras are ideal for large event spaces, stage performances, sports and places of worship where you will need to zoom in from a distance. Having the option for 40x zoom when outputting HD is a huge advantage in these scenarios. The cameras’ improved auto tracking options are also ideal for ensuring that your subject stays in shot. Whether you are using SDI. HDMI, or want access to NDI HX3, the KY-PZ540N Series has a camera to meet your needs. If you are looking to set up a new PTZ system or improve your existing kit, JVC’s new camera series should be on your shortlist.


Retail pricing for the new KY-PZ540 PTZ Camera series starts at $1,999.

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