Insta360 teases new camera that blends action cam, 360 cam and drone

Insta360 is starting the new year with a new camera. Expected to reveal the new camera in a few days, the company has teased the camera leading up to the announcement.

Set to reveal the new camera on January 7th, Insta360 has teased the announcement with a half-minute video. The video doesn’t give us too much detail, but it does spark curiosity. Essentially, the video shows a new camera that combines elements of an action camera, a 360 camera, a drone and a 1” camera.

Insta360 is teasing its upcoming camera

The teaser video opens with someone turning on a blender. Soon the person is stuffing in an action camera, a 360 camera, a drone, a ‘1-inch’ camera into the blender. All of the devices are being blended together into little bits. After everything is all blended, the contents are dumped onto a table. Behind the pile of rubble, there’s a sun flare, symbolizing a new era. The statement “Our next camera combines an action cam, a 360 camera, a drone, a ‘1-inch’ cam into one” is shown as the video progresses.

Here is the teaser video:

Video courtesy: Insta360

What we know so far

Currently, we don’t know much about the Insta360 camera. Other than what the video tells us, there’s virtually no information. We know the camera will combine certain elements from these different camera form factors, but we don’t know how much the camera will take inspiration from each.

There will be an announcement on January 7the won’t have to wait long to learn more. We will update you when we get new information about the upcoming camera.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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