HP’s next VR headset will have resolution up to 2160 x 2160 per eye

Reportedly, HP is making a super high-resolution VR headset, codenamed “Copper” for Microsoft’s virtual reality platform.

Road to VR previewed the “Copper” headset. Currently the headset doesn’t have a official price or release date. In any case, it really doesn’t it look like anything we’ve seen from other Windows Mixed Reality headsets. This includes HP’s first-gen headset back in 2017.

High resolutions and clarity

According the preview, the Copper headset will have a resolution of 2160 x 2160 pixels for each eye. That is a lot of pixels! Granted, that isn’t as much as Pimax’s 8K headset or Google and LG’s planned 9,600 × 9,000 pixels per eye headset. However, it’s still a big difference from the first-gen VR headsets.

But resolution isn’t all that this headset has. According to Road to VR’s Ben Lang, the headset has great clarity. Lang says that he was impressed by Copper’s clarity, which is a limitation of many other VR headsets.

More comfort

The headset is also being designed to be more comfortable. Reports say the headset feels very light. The actual numbers for its weight haven’t been disclosed though. Most Windows Mixed Reality headsets rest on the wearer’s head. The Copper’s design instead straps on the side and over the head of the wearer. But it still has the same built-in tracking cameras as other Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Who is this headset for?

While the Copper will be available for everyone at launch, it will probably be meant for businesses if there’s a big price gap between other $449 headsets. Road to VR predicts the Copper will “eventually” replace HP’s current headset.

More details will be released about the Copper, we just don’t know when that will be. Road to VR’s report though makes it seem likely the headset will be released this year.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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