HP reveals new Z2 Mini G5 entry desktop

HP has revealed the Z2 Mini G5, Z2 Small Form Factor G5, and Z2 Tower G5. These entry desktops look to offer creators the ability to work efficiently from home.

Z2 Mini G5


Z2 Mini G5 offers 3x faster GPU rendering compared to the past model, the Z2 Mini G4. Also, the Z2 Mini G5 features 2x faster 3D graphics performance compared to the Z2 Mini G4. According to HP, the Z2 Mini G5 is the “The World’s Fastest GPU Rendering Mini Workstation” allowing you to save 40 minutes each hour.

Z2 Desktop family
Z2 Desktop family. Image courtesy HP

“Enjoy seamless Zoom calls, edit heavy PowerPoint while running Adobe or Autodesk apps,” HP says. With the 10-core CPUs, you should be able to “get fast speeds for single and multithreaded apps.” In addition to that, the workstation comes with the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 for “optimal” performance according to HP. “Z2 Mini G5 demolished every test including gaming with 2.5X improvement gen over gen.”


The Z2 Mini G5 comes with a new thermal design. The workstation’s thermal design uses copper and delivers 1.4X CPU and 3X better CPU performance. At the same time, HP claims the workstation’s design is compact and quest while cooling down.. You can also get its maximum performance without throttling with 22 percent bigger power supply than the previous generation.


Also, the design is customizable. You have the ability to add more displays, mics or cameras. You can also expand capabilities later with up to 9 different flex modules.

Z2 Small Form Factor G5

Z2 Small Form Factor G5
Z2 Small Form Factor G5. Image courtesy HP

Moving on from the Z2 Mini G5, the Z2 Small Form Factor G5, HP says this workstation has “blazing-fast 3D visualization” yet at the same time being 19 percent smaller. Also, it features the Intel 125W 10-core processors and up to NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 custom MXM graphics.

As you can probably guess, the Z2 Small Form Factor G5’s form factor is an important factor to the workstation. It’s a lot smaller than the previous generation (19 percent as stated above). However, while it has a small form factor, it still offers 450W PSU, the world’s highest wattage power supply in a small form factor desktop workstation.

Z2 Tower G5

Z2 Tower G5
Z2 Tower G5. Image courtesy HP

The Z2 Tower G5 is powerful enough to had VR and other demanding applications. It comes with up to NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 graphics and 10-core Intel Xeon and Core processors. Additionally, the workstation with a 15 percent smaller design compared to the previous generation. It has a 700W power supply and is considered to be the “World’s most expandable entry workstation” according to HP.

You can learn more about the Z2 Mini G5, Z2 Small Form Factor G5, and Z2 Tower G5 at the official HP website.

Image courtesy: HP

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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