How durable is OWC’s new Envoy Pro SX SSD?

This week, Other Worlds Computing (OWC) unveiled the Envoy Pro SX, a new external Thunderbolt 3 SSD that’s both fast and highly durable. According to OWC, the SSD can handle any situation or environment it may encounter during travel, on set or day-to-day use.

The Envoy Pro SX is a fast, durable SSD

While many SSDs out there can provide fast transfer speeds, not all of them offer durability to match their speed. The Pro SX looks to provide both speed and durability. According to OWC’s tests, the Pro SX can handle the most trying environments. During their tests, the SSD was water-resistant for up to 30 minutes at 1 meter. Additionally, after being consecutively dropped 25 times from four feet, the SSD was still fully functional and kept its content safe.

The Envoy Pro SX delivers fast transfer speeds as well. It serves up to 2847MB/s1 with modern Thunderbolt and USB-4 equipped Macs and PCs. Its removable Thunderbolt cable is also certified to handle demanding environments, so you can theoretically be confident that the SSD and its cable will keep your data safe.

OWC Envoy Pro SX
Image courtesy: OWC

The Envoy Pro SX also portable

OWC’s new SSD is also highly portable thanks to its tiny size. In total, the SSD dimensions measure out to be smaller than a standard smartphone. So, you can fit the SSD in your pocket when traveling. The SSD weighs half a pound. With a weight this small, there should be no problem carrying it around.


  • Advanced OWC Aura Pro SSD storage technology with TRIM support
  • Certified dustproof, drop-proof and waterproof
  • Aluminum housing
  • Available models: 240GB, 480GB, 1TB and 2TB

Pricing and availability

The OWC Envoy Pro SX is now available at $199 for the 240GB model.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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