Here’s how to steer clear of 5 common filmmaking mistakes

As a filmmaker, you’re going to make mistakes. We all do. But, the more you learn, the better you will be at avoiding these mistakes in the future.

Jordy Vandeput from is no exception to that rule. In his filmmaking career he’s made mistakes. But what has really lifted him and his channel to success is the fact that he’s learned from his mistakes, from purchasing the wrong gear to mishaps during production to camera mistakes.

In the video below, Vandeput explains how you can avoid five of the mistakes he’s made in his career:

Spend your money on things that will last

While it may be tempting to spend all your money on the latest and greatest camera, Vandeput says that you should spend your money elsewhere. “Yes, a camera is important, but not the most important part,” Vandeput says. “Although you might think that you won’t need lights, microphones or other lenses, you’ll find out pretty quickly that you do need those things.”

Vandeput recommends spending the majority of your money on equipment that won’t become obsolete, things like sliders, microphones, lights and lenses. This way you’ll be able to use this equipment for years and years without replacing it.

Prepare, but don’t over-prepare

It’s always good to go into a project with a game plan, but don’t over plan. Vandeput in his younger filmmaking days would overplan his short films, and they would end up bad. For your own projects, don’t spend too much time in the storyboard process, because some of the best ideas are thought of on the spot, by you or your crew.

Be genuine

If you want to make good content, you have to be honest with yourself. Don’t make a film just because it’s what’s popular or what you think people will like. Make a film that you would want to see yourself. Make something that you’d be interested in because we can guarantee there is an audience for it. Always be honest and genuine with what you put out into the world.

Look for people with experience

Vandeput suggests that you go out and seek experts that have years and years of knowledge instead of spending all your time learning from YouTube. You can learn from their own filmmaking mistakes and experiences. It’s always great to learn from a number of different places.

Look for the details

Never cheap out on the small details! Vandeput always found himself cheapening his project by inserting rushed shots that made it clear he hadn’t paid attention to the details. Details include things like: what’s in the background, the lighting and what camera movements are being done. Never rush these things. Details are what make the shots! Plan accordingly so you don’t have to rush anything. It’s always better to take a few well-prepared shots than a ton poorly prepared ones.

Image of a film making set in a studio
Never forget the details, even if you forget to take a shot and are in a rush

As you progress in your filmmaking career, you will come across many obstacles. Don’t give up if one of them gets you down. Pick yourself back up and learn from those mistakes for the future. Jordy Vandeput been able to make a successful living as a YouTuber despite — or maybe because of — the mistakes he’s made throughout his career. And know that you can achieve the same exact success if you keep working.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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