GroPro and smartphone displaying the same footage
GoPro 5.2 update brings live streaming to Facebook pages and improves cloud storage

GoPro today announced a notable update to its app. The GoPro 5.2 update will offer better storage quality and support live streaming to Facebook Pages.

Now, you might be thinking that GoPro already supports live streaming to Facebook. It is true to a degree. At launch, the HERO7 Black could live stream video directly to Facebook. However, it could only live stream directly to a Facebook profile. This update will allow the HERO7 Black to stream to Pages and Groups.

Streaming to Pages should increase video viewership

Typically, Facebook Groups and Pages are meant for creators looking to interact and grow a community. Administrators want to share news and connect with their followers. Basically, it’s easier to connect with an audience through a Page then it is through an individual profile since everyone who likes the Page will see the streams.

HERO7 Black
The HERO7 Black could live stream to Facebook before, but it could only stream to personal accounts

GoPro 5.2 update improves storage

Live streaming to Facebook pages isn’t all that GoPro’s bringing to its app with the 5.2 update. Transfer speeds from GoPros to phones have been improved and the app’s gallery has been simplified. But the big thing here is footage will be stored in its original quality. This includes bursts, time lapses and TimeWarps.

Also, for Plus subscribers, the update will offer unlimited cloud storage for footage in its original quality. And the 5.2 update backs up footage in the cloud automatically with the HERO7 Black’s auto-offloading feature.


The app itself is free, but if you want to get the Plus subscription, that will cost you about $5 a month.

The GoPro 5.2 update is currently available for iOS and will be coming soon to Android. The updates are available on the iOS App Store and will be up on Google Play tomorrow.