Google’s new Pixel 6 & 6 Pro may feature elite cameras

The official announcement for the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro recently surfaced, offering some exciting details about what some have dubbed as the biggest threat to Samsung’s Android phone throne to date. 

Part of those details revolves around the cameras built into Google’s new phones. These cameras sound like they’ve been totally revamped from previous iterations. Google didn’t divulge full camera specs for either smartphone. However, we’ve pieced enough information together to paint at least a partial picture of what to expect from these new Pixel devices.

Here’s what we know so far.

The Pixel 6 brings back the camera bar

As Digital Trends and other publications have pointed out, the camera bar design, that was previously employed in such relics as the Nexus 6P, is apparently being retooled and applied to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Reportedly, the new camera bar will have new lenses and sensors, with Google itself noting that these components won’t adhere to the traditional geometry found in most modern smartphones. 

A triple camera system is coming to the Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 6 Pro seems like it will be the first Google smartphone to adopt a triple camera system. Among this trio of cameras will be a regular wide camera, an ultra-wide camera and a telephoto option. Does every smartphone owner need three distinct cameras built into their device? Perhaps not. Is it still enticing to have something in your pocket with this many options? Absolutely.

And, while the Pixel 6 seemingly won’t get the triple treatment, it will still have the wide and ultra-wide cameras running the show. 

Megapixels. Lots of megapixels

Leaks reported by tech analyst Jon Prosser earlier in the year revealed some impressive camera specs. Though Google hasn’t confirmed them yet. If they’re true, the phones’ regular wide camera will be 50MP, the ultra-wide will be 12MP and the Pixel 6 Pro’s telephoto camera will be 48MP. Additionally, the front cameras for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be 8MP and 12MP, respectively. 

They’ll probably release this fall, and certainly won’t be cheap

Tom’s Guide notes that while Google didn’t give out a specific release date for either Pixel smartphone, it is fairly consistent with its release dates. Google’s top-of-the-line smartphones have traditionally debuted in October. This means we might be just a few months away from seeing the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro in action.

Google labeled the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro as “premium” smartphones that will almost certainly be accompanied by premium price tags. For reference, the Pixel 5 (our favorite point-and-shoot camera to date) first hit the open market with a $599 price tag. With the teased improvements regarding its new phones, don’t be surprised if the latest Pixels arrive with a price well north of that. 

Nick Woodard
Nick Woodard
Nick is the Managing Editor at Videomaker and Creator Handbook Magazines.

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