Google video editor now adjusts brightness and contrast

Last September, Google updated its Photos editing app with still image tools. Now, Google is overhauling Photos’ video editor for Android and iOS.

Before Google’s update, you only had access to features like standard trimming and rotation in the video editor. Now, Google Photos includes tools like crop, change perspective, add filters, straighten the frame, and adjust footage exposure. Additionally, you can apply brightness, contrast, and portrait effects. More filters, like Enhance and Color Pop, will be out in a few months. While these features aren’t groundbreaking, it makes Google Photos’ video editor much more useful now for people looking to do a quick edit on their videos.

Expanding Pixel-exclusive photo editing features

In addition to the update, Google is expanding previously Pixel-exclusive photo editing features. However, they are only available to One subscribers. If you pay for One subscription, you have access to after-shot Portrait Blur and Portrait Light effects. Also, you have access to AI-based Dynamic and sky suggestions. Google is going to roll out these features to One members in the next few days. Features like Blur and Color Pop are accessible for free.

Additionally, Google offers an AI-based lighting feature called Portrait Light. Portrait Light applies numerous levels and positions of light and shadow to your photos. However, Portrait Light is only on Pixel 4a 5G or Pixel 5 smartphones. So, Portrait Light won’t be nearly as accessible as the new features added to Google Photo’s video editor.

Engadget isn’t surprised Google is tying features to One. “The company is increasingly bent on making money from Photos, and this could drive One subscriptions for people who want the full feature set,” the publication says. Engadget expects Pixel phone sales will increase among those who want full access to Google’s latest technology.


The new Google Photo video editor is accessible for iOS users now. Google says the Android version will be here in the coming weeks.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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