FOR-A’s FT-ONE-SS4K camera touts a new imaging system

FOR-A’s ultra-slow-motion camera is not only a versatile option for sports broadcast systems, but it also carries with it many impressive features. Industry professionals should find numerous uses for the FOR-A FT-ONE-SS4K.


At the core of FOR-A’s new high frame rate broadcast camera is a 2/3-inch CMOS Global shutter sensor. With it, the camera can capture high-density, high-sensitivity 4K video.

The FOR-A FT-ONE-SS4K achieves this level of power recording all within a compact form factor, enabling a smooth learning curve for sports broadcast camera operators.

In terms of lens compatibility, the FT-ONE-SS4K is compatible with standard 2/3-inch B4 mount lenses. It doesn’t require adapters or conversion lenses. At this point, FOR-A is the only company offering high-speed 4K camera systems with such compatibility.


With an independent live 4K output, and the ability to record and playback simultaneously, the FOR-A FT-ONE-SS4K can run slow-motion instant replays. 

You can shoot up to 1000 frames-per-second 4K, which opens up vast options with various lenses, such as capturing finite player movements and sports judgment calls.

Easy integration

In addition to advanced image technology, adaptability, and function, the FT-ONE-SS4K easily integrates into a production system with FOR-A’s pre-configured color-match presets. This all comes in a compact and lightweight design, which is crucial for sports broadcasts.

Pricing and availability

Although the FT-ONE-SS4K may not be attainable by most videographers and filmmakers due to its price tag, it certainly fits right into the intended demographic of sports broadcast systems.

If you are interested in attaining the FOR-A FT-ONE-SS4K, head over to FOR-A’s official website. From there, you can inquire the company about the product. You will have to submit an inquiry form.

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