Final Draft 13 gets major update

Final Draft is considered the best-selling screenwriting application and has been called the industry standard by some. However, it hasn’t had a major upgrade to the program since 2021. That’s changed with the release of Final Draft 13.

What’s new?

The one word to describe the change is color. Scripts can now be formatted with a colored page background in PDF format. You can also add emojis to your script. This gives you the ability to easily annotate text dialogue more authentically. Emojis are also available in the text notes, beat board and outline elements. There’s also an additional, darker level of the night mode called “midnight.” This color scheme can also be outputted as a PDF.

What about the cost?

Image courtesy: Jeff Chaves

One drawback to the update is the $99 price tag for existing users. Is it worth the cost if the changes are largely cosmetic? There are also a few system changes that might make a difference. Like a new version of the “Navigator” that allows you to analyze your script in more detail. FD 13 also has a “Writing Stats” function that allows you to set and track your writing goals. You’ll also find more ways to customize your layout in the Beat Board and Outline mode. And, yes, that means more color.

The mobile app now has emojis

Image courtesy: Jeff Chaves

If you’re a fan of mobile apps there’s been a change to that as well. The name goes from Final Draft Mobile to Final Draft Go. It’s almost identical to the previous version but does add emoji integration and better compatibility with Grammarly. Unfortunately, this change comes with a price as well although not as steep. To have the full version on your phone or tablet it’s $1.99 a month or $9.99 for the year.


As with the previous updates to Final Draft, you can still use your old application with no problems. It could become one if you’re collaborating with someone who’s made the update. Some features won’t appear the same way. But if you’re ready to plunge into the new, Final Draft is ready.

Pricing and availavility

You can get Final Draft 13 now for $199, or upgrade for $99 if you already own Final Draft.

Jeff Chaves
Jeff Chaves
Jeff Chaves is the chief creative officer of Grace Pictures Inc. and is a full-time minister with over 12 years of experience in television broadcasting.

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