EOS R5 generates significant heat during video recording

Last week, Canon announced the groundbreaking EOS R5, along with the R6. The R5 is positioned to be the gold standard for mirrorless cameras. Its ability to record 8K RAW 30p video at such a consumer-level price is something we have never seen before. However, this comes at a cost. Canon reports the combination of high-resolution and high frame rate video recording could potentially generate some significant heat.

Overheating will affect both the R5 and the R6. Likely, the R5 will be affected more, considering its features are much more taxing than the R6’s. Regardless, overheating will affect the time you can record. When they generate significant heat, that will limit recording time.

Canon is working to reduce the heat

Canon built in a few features that should help reduce the overall hear generated when recording with the R5 and R6. Here is what they did:

  • Used magnesium alloy in the body to dissipate heat away from internal components
  • Features an “overheat control” function to reduce heat generation when the camera is in standby

There is no fan inside of the camera. Canon states it decided not to include a fan to maintain the EOS R5’s compact, lightweight design. Additionally, it helps keep the camera more weather resistant.

How can you reduce heat buildup in the EOS R5?

To help you reduce the heat when recording with the EOS R5, Canon listed a few things you can do:

  • Set Overheat Control function to “On”, which is the default. When the overheat control function is enabled, the movie size and frame rate are automatically changed while the camera is in standby mode to suppress the rise of the internal temperature
  • Turn off the camera between recordings
  • Position the camera out of direct sunlight
  • Use an external fan to dissipate heat
Estimated camera recovery times

How can you reduce heat buildup in the EOS R6?

Similar to the EOS R5, the R6 does offer some nice video shooting specs. At the highest frame rates and resolutions, the EOS R6 does generate heat. The EOS R6 can record up to the 29 minutes 59-second recording limit in the 5.1K oversampled 4K 60p mode at (23°C / 73°F) before encountering any heat-related issues within the camera and up to 40 minutes of 4K at 30p.

If you have any questions, please contact the Canon U.S.A. PR team at: pr@cusa.canon.com.

Image courtesy: Canon Australia

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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