Edelkrone released the updated FocusONE V2

Edelkrone has released an updated version of their FocusONE follow focus. The Edelkrone FocusONE v2 has several unique features. Overall, the system looks designed more for camera operators rather than focus pullers.

Unique design

As with the previous version, the Edelkrone FocusONE v2 has the marker disk positioned to face the camera operator. Other follow focus devices have the marker disk on the handle. This means there’s a gearbox between the marker disk and the focus ring. As a result, any play within that gearbox will reduce the accuracy of the follow focus when going back to preset marks. Because the FocusONE v2 marker disk is in direct contact with the focus ring, however, your focus points will always remain precise.

Hard stops

Edelkrone FocusONE V2 hard stops
Image courtesy: Edelkrone

One of the major new features of Edelkrone FocusONE v2 is the addition of adjustable hard stops. This means you can set A and B points, allowing you to transition between them while shooting. In addition, you can use them to set the focal range when using photo lenses that don’t have built-in hard stops at the close focus and infinity points. The popular Sigma f1.8 18-35mm lens is an example of such a lens. You can also move the hard stops out of the way in their designated parking slots when not in use.

Tension adjustment

The Edelkrone FocusONE v2 has a custom tension adjustment dial, which you can turn to alter the torque on the follow focus. This means you can keep the feel of the FocusONE v2 consistent across lenses with focus rings of varying stiffness.


Edelkrone FocusONE V2 angles
Image courtesy: Edelkrone

The redesign of the FocusONE v2 means that the new version is lighter and more compact. However, it is just as durable as all parts are 100 percent CNC machined aluminum with Delrin components and stainless steel screws. As a result, the FocusONE v2 weighs only 0.76 pounds.

Left-handed and right-Handed support

Unlike the original version, you can now use the Edelkrone FocusONE v2 on both sides of the lens. This means you can choose to use it left-handed or right-handed. You can also tilt its Control Wheel up and down for easier access when setting up different filming angles.

Standard gear pitch

Edelkrone FocusONE v2 has a standard 0.8 gear pitch, meaning it will work with all professional cinema lenses. In addition, Edelkrone includes one of their Lens Gear PRO gears, which you can use with your lenses. FocusONE v2 attaches to a single rod on your rig and is compatible with industry-standard 15 mm and 19 mm rods.

Pricing and availability

The Edelkrone FocusONE v2 is available now for $139. Edelkrone is also running a TradeUP program for all existing FocusONE owners. Existing FocusONE owners can get $49 off the sticker price. Even better, you get to keep your previous generation follow focus; you just need to show Edelkrone what you have.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.

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