DropKey Studio in a Bag is a portable green screen studio

Coming from the Silicon Beach startup DropKey, Inc, their “DropKey Studio in a Bag” solution looks to change the way content creators shoot green screen effects.

DropKey Studio in a Bag is essentially a portable green screen studio. It’s inflatable, so it can be easily stuffed into a bag when it’s not being used. The new system allows for HD 1080 broadcasting, and video can also be synced to the cloud. Plus, this portable studio comes with built-in lights.

“DropKey Studio in a Bag is a brand-new technology that does just what the name says. Pop it up at home or on the road and you can Be Anywhere, whenever you want,” says the DproKey, Inc. “Swipe your background in to be at the Eiffel Tower, the banks of a raging river, the middle of an eSports gaming tournament, 5th Avenue in New York City or any other location that suits your shot — without ever leaving your house.”

Is it hard to set up?

From the looks of it, no. The company claims DropKey Studio in a Bag takes less than 10 minutes to set up. It includes “brilliant lights, inputs for wireless mics (wired mics come with it), [and] it’s collapsible and flight-ready with no free-standing lights, no post-production and no lighting decisions to make,” according to the company.

It’s AC compressor can inflate the entire studio in just one minute. The studio itself runs nine-feet wide and seven-feet-two inches high.

Person stanting inside the DropKey Studio in a Bag
The DropKey Studio in a Bag inflates in just 60 seconds

Who would use this?

Streamers, YouTubers and schools with broadcast classes could all benefit from the DropKey Studio in a Bag if it works as promised. But really, anyone that wants to have an easy green screen could make use of the setup.

“Everyday creators are now no longer limited to appear in one location – whether that is their basement, a classroom or an office. With the Studio In A Bag, a whole new world of options is now available and you can truly be anywhere you want to be,” says Rockwell Scharer, founder of DropKey. “With an affordable price, it’s small enough in size to fit in a Hockey bag with wheels, so your studio can be with you at all times, ready to shoot that next video that may go viral.”

Pricing and availability

The new DropKey Studio in a Bag is priced at $999 and can be bought at dropkey.com.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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