DJI silently released a heavy-lifting drone: the DJI Storm

DJI has been known from releasing product quietly, like the DJI Pro. And now it has happened again with the new DJI Storm.

Noticed by DroneDJ, the site says DJI has launched the DJI Strom alongside a new full-service offering for custom aerial cinematography called DJI studio. DroneDJ noticed the existence of the new service and drone in a YouTube video that was posted earlier this year.

Here is the video from DJI:

DJI Studio

DJI Studio essentially offers a custom cinematography service and looks to come with a crew, truck, custom drone and other hardware. So, if you need some serious production gear, it looks like DJI Studio will provide what you need.

DroneDJ did contact DJI for more information about the service, but they report “the US employees couldn’t give me an answer yet.”

DJI Storm

As for the DJI Storm, it looks to be an octocopter with four arms and 8 propellers. The arms are meant to handle very heavy loads. In total, it can carry 41 pounds. That would cover professional cinema cameras and lenses from ARRI and Red.

The DJI Storm can hold up to 41 pounds
The DJI Storm can hold up to 41 pounds. Image courtesy DJI.

Plus, it has an integrated Ronin-2 gimbal. And when it needs to land, it has non-retractable legs to land on.

When in flight, the drone has a maximum speed of 50 mph and a flight time range of 8 to 15 minutes. The DJI can handle temperatures from -10 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius. Also, the batteries can be swapped out during shooting.

Pricing and availability

The Storm is for sure a pricey drone. The Ronin 2 gimbal on its own runs for $8,000 by itself. Also, other heavy-lifting drones like it run for at least $30,000. It isn’t clear when the drone will be available, either. We’ll just have to keep an eye out.

Image courtesy DJI

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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