DJI Ronin-SC recognized as best one-handed camera stabilizer

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Update: The DJI Ronin-SC has been selected as Videomaker’s Best One-handed Camera Stabilizer. See the rest of our recommendations.

Introduced in July 2019 as the successor to the Ronin-S, the Ronin-SC is a single-handed 3-axis gimbal designed for popular mirrorless cameras. The new motorized gimbal aims to be very compact and durable. After all, the C stands for “compact.” It also supports a ton of different mirrorless camera systems. While the DJI Ronin-SC is lighter and cheaper than its predecessor, the gimbal still packs a punch.

The smallest it has ever been

One of the big highlights of the new Ronin-SC is its drop in weight. The Ronin-S weighs a total of 4.1 pounds. The Ronin-SC dropped almost half of that weight, coming in at a cool 2.4 pounds. However, along with slimming down, it did lose some of its muscle. The Ronin-SC can carry a total of 4.4 pounds. That’s a large drop for the Ronin-S’s nearly eight-pound capacity.

But that might not necessarily be a bad thing. While the Ronin-SC may not be able to handle as much weight, users’ arms will get a lot less tired holding it. Also, its battery life can last up to 11 hours on a single charge. So, there shouldn’t be any issues using the system on long shoot days.

The Ronin-SC can carry up to 2.4 pounds
The Ronin-SC can carry up to 2.4 pounds.


This 3-axis gimbal is made of magnesium, steel, aluminum and composite plastic. It also has a joystick and a few buttons. These allow the user to change how the gimbal moves. There are also new lock switches on each arm of the gimbal.

Force Mobile

New to the Ronin-SC is the Force Mobile feature. It’s a watered-down version of the Force Pro. It allows pros to use a remote to aim their camera while it’s mounted to one of DJI’s gimbal rigs. Force Mobile allows users to stand up to 82 feet away and move their smartphone around to control where the camera and gimbal are pointing.

Pricing and availability

You can get the Ronin-SC now for $439 at the DJI store. There’s also a Pro option that includes a focus wheel along with the external focus motor and the Remote Start-Stop for $539.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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