CFexpress Type B Memory Card boasts read speeds up to 1700 MB/s

Sony has announced the development of the CFexpress Type B memory card, CEB-G128. The card offers fast read speeds of up to 1700 MB/s.

CFexpress Type B cards are said to be designed based on a new specification that adopts the latest interface, PCIe Gen3, standardized by the CompactFlash Association. The CFexpress Type B memory card offers a 128GB capacity, with capacities of 256GB and 512GB planned for the future.

These cards are 3 times as fast as Sony’s fastest CFast card

That right. Sony’s fastest CFast card, which has a read speed of 530 MB/s, doesn’t come close to the CFexpress Type B card.

“With a read speed of up to 1700 MB/s, even large-sized data files can be transferred quickly, when compared to existing memory cards. For example, when making copies or backing up large-sized data from multiple memory cards, transfer time will be dramatically reduced enabling greater efficiency,” says Sony.

The card also has a write speed of up to 1480 MB/s.


These cards reportedly can withstand 70N of force in bend. It should also be able to withstand a fall from 5m. It’s also temperature proof, X-ray proof, anti-static and has a UV guard.

File backup

Both Media Scan Utility and Memory Card File Rescue are offered for free download to Sony CFexpress card users. The Media Scan Utility is PC software that automatically scans your memory card when you connect it to a PC through the MRW-G1 Card reader. Memory Card File Rescue can recover accidentally deleted files, which includes RAW and high-resolution images and videos.


Sony’s CFexpress Type B Memory Card is expected to be released in summer 2019.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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