CES 2022: Samson Q9X wins Best Microphone

Congratulations to Samson! The Samson Q9X has earned Videomaker’s Best Microphone award at CES 2022.

To kick off this year’s CES, Samson announced the new Samson Q9X Broadcast Dynamic Microphone. According to Samson, this impressive mic comes ready to capture high-quality audio stable for professional broadcasters, podcasters, streamers and musicians.

Samson Q9x: designed for professionals

The Samson Q9x features a dynamic mic capsule, optimal for capturing vocal recordings. It utilizes its cardioid pickup pattern to provide pro-level off-axis rejection while minimizing ambient noise. So, even if you’re recording in an untreated home studio, the microphone can capture clean, cripes vocal recordings. Plus, its humbucking coil reduces any annoying hummin or buzz you may get with other recording equipment.

The Samson Q9x offers flexible usage and placement

Thanks to the mic’s yoke mount, you can use the mic with a boom arm or desk stand. Additionally, its internal shock mount isolates the capsule from mechanical noise radiating from the microphone’s body. There’s also an integrated dual-layer grille and removable foam windscreen, which will minimize pops and plosives.

An all-in-one design

According to Samson, the Samson Q9x can connect to almost any standard preamp, mixer or audio interface. This makes the mic exceptionally suited for podcasting studios, broadcast booths and recording rigs.

This mic works great when recording instruments as well. The microphone can handle greater than 140 dB SPL, meaning it can record anything from a quiet acoustic guitar to screaming vocals and snare drums.


  • Wide, flat frequency response
  • Cardioid polar pattern, which focuses capture in front of the mic and minimizes ambient pickup
  • XLR output
  • Capsule shock mount, which isolates the microphone from mechanical noise and vibrations
  • Dual-layer windscreen
  • Removable foam pop filter
  • Swivel yoke mount


The Samson Q9x will ship with a price tag of $130.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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