CES 2022: Roland AeroCaster wins Best live switcher at CES 2022

The Roland AeroCaster Livestreaming System is taking home Videomaker’s Best live switcher of CES 2022 award! Congratulations to the Roland team!

Roland just announced the Roland AeroCaster Livestreaming System at CES 2022, and it looks to be one of the most innovative live switchers in a while.

What is the Roland AeroCaster?

This system was built for the modern creator. It aims to be an easy-to-use livestreaming system that lets anyone run a multi-camera live production. To do this, Roland taps into your mobile devices’ built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

“Leveraging the convenience and mobility of wireless connectivity, AeroCaster opens up a new world of creative possibilities for any live streaming application, from online talk shows and music performances to live commerce, remote education, and beyond,” Roland explains.

The Roland AeroCaster VRC-01
The Roland AeroCaster VRC-01. Image courtesy: Roland

Streaming with the Roland AeroCaster

This system allows streamers to switch between wireless camera feeds from smartphones and tablets. It also supports screen shares from both computers and mobile devices.

At the heart of the system, we have the iPad-compatible AeroCaster VRC-01 hardware control surface and audio interface. The AeroCaster LIVE app for iPad and the AeroCaster Camera app for iOS and Android mobile devices transmit the video feeds.

The AeroCaster live switcher supports up to four wireless devices at once, along with the camera on the host iPad.

Other features

The Roland AeroCaster streaming system also lets users add graphics, titles, video clips, photos, and more. Roland promises “quick and intuitive” operation.

Additionally, the system supports direct streaming connection to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, as well as custom RTMP channels. Streaming works over both Wi-Fi and 4G/5G cellular networks.

Pricing and availability

The Roland VRC-01 hardware control surface and audio interface will be available in March 2022. The price is set at $295. For more information about the VRC-01 and the rest of the AeroCaster system, visit proav.roland.com.

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