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Canon's EOS RP is the company is set to become the company's mirrorless camera

Canon broke into the mirrorless camera war with its first mirrorless camera ever last year. Now its second mirrorless camera — EOS RP — is out next month.

The EOS RP is meant to be a mid-tier camera. It looks to strike a middle ground for both beginner and professional creators. As Canon builds their mirrorless lineup, they want to have a camera offered for everyone, working towards making its EOS R line as popular as its EOS DSLR line.

“As a company, we believe that in order for us to accomplish that goal, Canon needs to develop full-frame mirrorless camera for every skill level of photographers and that starts with amateurs and advanced amateurs. This makes the EOS RP the perfect addition to the existing lineup,” Canon says.


When we take a look inside the EOS RP, we’ll see at its core it’s sporting a 26.2p Full Frame CMOS Sensor and a DIGIC 8 image processor. It can shoot cropped 4K24p video, as well as 4K video time-lapses. However, when we tested the rolling shutter in the camera’s 4K mode, it was like jello. Not an attractive sight for videographers looking for their next camera.


When focusing, the camera uses Dual Pixel CMOS AF with 143 area divisions. There’s reportedly 4779 selectable positions when selecting the AF frame position. The camera does support eye detection — which is supported with One Shot AF and Servo AF. The EOS RP does use Touch and Drag AF across a Vari-angle Touchscreen LCD.

Canon EOS RP
Canon EOS RP

Low light

Canon touts the EOS RP as a great low light camera, claiming it has “excellent low-light performance.” That could very well be true when you look at the numbers. The camera’s standard ISO runs 100 – 40000. When the ISO is expanded, it’s ISO range increases — running at 50 – 102400. For what we could see from the low light at the press release, it seemed promising.


This camera uses Canon’s stabilizing tech called Dual Sensing IS. Dual Sensing IS takes into account the data on the mount of camera shake that is taken from the image data collected by the CMOS sensor. That can go up to 5 stops. The EOS RP uses combination IS to stabilize.

Visual Guide mode

One of the features of the EOS RP features a Visual Guide mode. This mode was first introduced with the EOS Rebel T7I and EOS 77D. What this mode essentially does is it allows users to seen on their screens hon switching modes on the mode dial or altering settings will change the image they are about to take.


These are the lenses that the EOS RP will support:RF 15-35mm F2.8L IS USMRF 15-35mm F2.8L IS USM

  • RF 15-35mm F2.8L IS USM
  • RF 24-70mm F2.8L IS USM
  • RF 70-200mm F2.8L USM
  • RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM
  • RF 85mm F1.2L USM
  • RF 85mm F1.2L USM OS
Back view of EOS RP
You can focus the camera with Dual Sensing IS.

EOS RP Design

Canon claims the camera it’s easy to operate. That’s good to hear because the EOS RP isn’t a professional camera. It’s a mid-range camera, so easy to operations would be helpful to many in its targeted audience demographic. It can be charged through USB and its battery life has a lot of potential.

The EOS RP is built around the same 54 mm mount diameter and short-back focus can take about 250 shots on a single charge. Measurements come out to be 132.5 x 85.3x 70.0 mm. THE EVF on the EOS RP is 0.39-inch about 2.36M dots. Plus, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are featured.

Pricing and availability

The Canon EOS RP full frame mirrorless camera will be released next month for $1299 for the body. Also, there will be aa body and lens kit with the 24-105 mm F4 L IS USM for $2399.


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