BirdDog announces new and improved Cloud 3.0

BirdDog announced the release of its cloud-based NDI remote management and delivery software, BirdDog Cloud 3.0.

What is it?

BirdDog Cloud 3.0 is software that enables broadcasters and live event producers to distribute NDI content beyond their local network. Broadcasters can now set up a remote studio with full PTZ control and operate it from anywhere in the world.

Key features and performance

BirdDog Cloud 3.0 introduces new elements to BirdDog’s cloud software. Here are some of the most notable key features and performance enhancements:

  • 3.0 has an all-new interface. More intuitive and elegant, this rebuild makes it easier than ever to set up connections. 3.0 uses SRT, with 128/256-bit AES encryption for high security. Further, SRT ensures extremely reliable streams even with low latency.
  • New transport, built in conjunction with Google, is a globally-connected network. Cloud 3.0 also accommodates other network infrastructures.
  • BirdDog Cloud for Adobe Premiere offers remote editing workflows for collaboration between directors, editors and producers — anywhere in the world. Workflows enable production teams to access edit sessions on Apple, Android or Samsung mobile devices.

Additional notables

  • New GPU-accelerated codec support, including Apple Video ToolBox for MacOS
  • Support for iOS and tvOS (h.264 and HEVC), NVIDIA NVENC (h.264 and HEVC) and Intel Quicksync (h.264, HEVC and VP9)
  • API Control for global video workflows
  • Cloud Recorder, which allows NDI to record at both sender and receiver endpoints

Pricing and availability

BirdDog Cloud 3.0 is available now. For further information and pricing, visit BirdDog’s official website.

Maddy Cowee
Maddy Cowee
Maddy Cowee is a writer, editor and film student.

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